The seaweed show

The Seaweed Show, a first in France, will take place on Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2013,

bringing together all those involed with the seaweed industry.


For this first edition, international ambitions are established with an ambitious programme of conferences and a business convention, in close consultation with Entreprise Europe Network and Bretagne Commerce International.


Now more than ever, where innovation, research and new product and market development should be deciding factors in a global marketplace, Brittany’s seaweed network is particularly well placed at the cutting edge.


Breizh’Alg’s ambition is to promote the innovative development and economic activity for all those involved at all stages in the seaweed production chain.


The Seaweed Show adheres to 5 points outlined in the Breizh’Alg program : promotion of Brittany products with a view to optimising market access ; enhancement of product perception, territory, producers and their values in order to improve product traceability and to inform consumers with a view to developing markets of the ‘future’.


Brittany, thanks to its 1677 miles of coastline and its richness of maritime resources, offers a large number of imporant

economic and social benefits in numerous secteurs : fishing, fish farming, shellfish breeding, naval construction, tourism,

industrial transformation. Brittany is therefore a natural choice to host and promote the Seaweed Show.


The Seaweed Show provides the ideal opportunity to inform, promote, establish essential contacts and gather up-to-date information on all possibilities, existing and future,  of the seaweed industry. The desire to consolidate and bring people together, in a context of sustained development, for a future which reconciles and integrates, with the respect of biodiversity in mind, all those involved on land or sea :  institutions, research, production, organisation, business, industrial transformation, distribution and consumers.


In order to highlight the diverse uses of seaweed a ‘discover zone’ will present shows and exhibitions with a cultural biais : film documentaries, literature, photography, painting, sculpture...A ‘gastronomique zone’ with workshops hosted by renowned chefs is also not to be missed.


Event supported by the ‘Conseil Régional de Bretagne’ in collaboration with :






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