Business convention progamme

In addition to the Seaweed Show’s professional open days, CEVA (technical agri-industrial institute of seaweed and sea vegetation) will host a business convention to be held on the 3rd and 4th October 2013. As usual, two additional thematics are proposed. Firstly, sessions including presentations and round tables will inform participants on key themes. Secondly, a space dedicated to B2B meetings will allow participants to discuss in private. 


The convention programme is as follows :


Thursday 3rd October - morning session


Session 1 - What type of production, which markets, which uses, what trends ? A host of speakers will address the panorama of micro and macro seaweeds and their uses in a global context, focusing subsequently on Europe and France. Precisions will equally be given in regards to future perspectives and trends of different actors and markets. The objectif will be to highlight the potential opportunities in this complex enivronment, which nevertheless continues to grow annually by 4% for the last 20 years.


Session 2 - What path between idea and development ?

With case studies based upon those businesses having innovated in the secteurs of micro and macro seaweeds, you’ll discover the path they followed from idea to development. They’ll explain how they managed to target a specific market. Explanations will be offered to try and extrapolate standard industry approaches.  The different development support packages will also be presented. The main objectif is to allow participants to understand the different development strategies with particular focus on reducing the time between the product idea  and market viability. (Time to market).


Thursday 3rd October - afternoon session  


B2B meetings / visit Seaweed Show


Vendredi 4th October - morning session   


Session 3 - Production, transformation : what trends and key technologies for tomorrow ?


Throughout the presentations relating to the principal production methods of micro and macro seaweeds, the speakers will elaborate on their visions on the progress still to be made and the key technologies of tomorrow. As a result, suppliers, producers and transformers will be able to evaluate their equipment and procedures in light of current best practices. This session will also allow them to evaluate the choice of future investments.


Session 4 - Reglemenation, environmental impace and social acceptability : the challenges faced and the essential role played by public action

The speakers will present the reglementation and the principal known environmental impacts in regards to the production and transformation of micro and macro seaweeds. The theme of the social acceptability of seaweed development in different European countries will be detailed along with teachings and  best practices. To conclude, the decisive role of public action to slow down or encourage development will be illustrated with examples from different countries. The objectif is to allow participants to understand the necessary conditions for seaweed production to develop in light of sustainable development.


Vendredi 4th October 


B2B meetings / Visit Seaweed Show


A detailed timetable along with a list of speakers is currently being finalised and will be made available shortly.


The cost of participation, including entry to all sessions, access to B2B meetings, the Seaweed Show, evening cocktails,

meals and entertainment is 400€ per participant.


In order to reserve a stand at the Seaweed Show, please contact

Gérard Gautier, Service Compris, 02 96 33 50 34

or by mail :

inorder to receive your registration documents




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